Cool Places

CC Website posts (4)Things i’m into:

  • Pretty drinks that not just look good but also taste good. As a professional bar visitor of more than 8 years I can say I’ve acquired a taste for what’s a good drink. Especially my Erasmus exchange year in Spain and Germany have given me extraterrestrial skills in finding cheap good drinks.
  • Interiors that wow you at first glance. Finding details I don’t particularly like later on are fine, as long as it floors me upon first sight. Particularly if the place has a retro look or accents in the style of the 1960’s, 1970’s or 1980’s – i’m sold. I’ll eat whatever crappy food you have on the menu if I can pretend to be in either one of the above years.
  • Conversations that start out of nowhere with random people in bars and continue as if we are old chaps.
  • Looking like a scorned divorcee in cafe’s with oversized sunglasses and fur coat, drinking my coffee alone and pretending to be in that one episode of SATC where Carrie learns to be ok with hanging out with just herself.
  • Food that looks too good to be eaten with professionally draped cream and berries, preferably with the ability to be instantly instagrammed to evoke the jealousy of friends worldwide in my stories and the likes of strangers on my blog account.

Check out some of the Cool Places I’ve visited recently:Chic Salmon Dish Facebook Ad (4)



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