People’s Poblacion

When I first stepped carefully around the streets of Poblacion, I had just arrived the day before that in the Philippines. I was excited and also a little scared to walk around there. The heat, people, smells and overall feel of this area made me, the SEA virgin, quite nervous. Now I can’t help but to giggle a little thinking of my old self. Because since then, I’ve walked its streets countless times. Not just walked it, I’ve piggyback rode it, stumbled over it, danced to its tunes and wobbled to a taxi nearby it. And every time I wished I had my camera with me to capture all the hidden beauty of the people in this area. There are so many faces and colours that I wanted to capture. The bright lights, and even brighter people. This week I finally did it, it’s a first effort, and over time I hope to improve this series, to give an even more intimate glimpse into the lives of the habitants of this lively area.