Antidote Rooftop Bar

Antidote is a new rooftop bar that has recently opened on the top floor of the I’M Hotel, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Poblacion. I’M Hotel Makati already wowed the residents of Makati and around with it’s glass floor swimming pool (though I’d never swim in it – creeps from the street can look right up your cooch from below!) and now opened its classy bar.

Sauvignon Blanc + Sauvignon Cabernet + Truffle Fries = P1000I was there the day before for a girls night celebration and was impressed enough to go back the next day for a proper reportage of the place. I imagine this to be the perfect setting for a Sex & the City episode with colourful cocktails and even more colourful gossip 😉 On my return day when I saw it during day light, I was actually taken back by how less impressive it looked, as opposed to the night before. But I guess a few drinks and the evening lights made everything seem better, including my idea to do tequila shots… 😉

You can tell they’ve put a lot of thought into the design of the space, it looks very sleek and modern. However I noticed none of the benches/couches/seats have cushions? Do they want people to keep moving or are they not aware our asses need to be comfy? If you’re a small girl like me, you’ll suffer tremendously from not having the table at proper elbow height. In the bar when you enter there’s a big aquarium screen with live jellyfish floating around… I’m torn between being in awe of it or feeling terrible for the jellyfish. I am aware that there are far worse conditions some (other) animals live in this country, but I can’t help but feel sad seeing this.

However a huge plus point is the view. It’s simply breathtaking when you see it for the first time. I haven’t seen a great aerial view of Makati like this since Gramercy71, I wonder when they’ll open that place up again.

In conclusion: a great place to bring friends that are new in town or visiting (to show off the Manila that you see, as opposed to what google search shows them when they google your new country’s capital) if you’re an expat, and otherwise a great place for some tete-a-tete’s, pow-pow’s and discussions about who’s Carrie, Samantha or Charlotte in your friend’s group (Nobody ever wants to be Miranda while I always found her so refreshingly normal out of the 4 of them!). Bring your heels so that you don’t feel underdressed… I always feel like heels add another dimension to outfits 😉

Antidote Bar PH @ I’M Hotel Roofdeck, 7862 Ave, Makati, 1210, Makati, Metro Manila